XtraSpeed Slimming(DT-SI)

Bipolar RF+Infrared laser+Vacuum+Massage Roller

XtraSpeed is a updated model based on XtraShape and XtraSmooth, Machine can be adjustable to Portable or Vertical,when treatment is Vertical, when transport is portable. it will be much safe and easy for transport and move. XtraSpeed is worked in Bipolar RF+Infrared Laser+Vacuum+treatment Roller, 4 technology combined on one machine. Same technology with XtraShape, just with different apperaence. it is a perfect example of Combining Aluma (Lumenis) with Velashape (Syneron).

Treatment of XtraSpeed

Process from Portable to Vertical

Technical Specification

LCD 1)Host Screen: 10.4″TFT Chromatic Screen
2)Handle Screen: 
Display screen on head-1:  2.4″ screen
Display screen on head-2:  1.9″ screen
Working Mode Pulse: (Pulse width:  0.5s-7.5s)
Negative pressure Absolute value:  
90kPa -20kPa(68.4cmHg -15.2cmHg); 
Relative value:    
10kPa -80kPa(7.6cmHg -60.8cmHg);
Rev of roller 0-36 rpm
Working mode for roller 2 types
Safety checking Real time on line
RF frequency 1MHz  
RF energy density Max: 60J/cm3
Laser wavelength 940nm infrared laser
Laser power 20W(max)
Number of handpiece 3 Handpiece(5 tips)
Treatment area 4x7mm/6x13mm/8x25mm/30x44mm/40x66mm
Management system Wireless IC card
Rated input power 750VA
Mode of power supply AC230V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz / AC110V±10%, 60Hz±1Hz   
Weight Net Weight: 30Kg Gross weight:55 Kg
Physical dimension

Vertical: 510×400×830mm

Portable: 590×400×390mm

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