NuShape Slimming(DT-SF)

Remark: NuShape system combined 4 technology (Cavitation, RF, Vacuum and laser) on one machine, there are 3 appearances for your optional, all the inner system and quality is same, just only appearance and design is different. please chose any type of appearance from Type-A, Type-B and Type-C before your order!

NuShape Slimming system combines:

  • Technology of Vacuum:
    (Reference product: Israel: )
  • Technology of Tripolar fat burning:
    (Reference product: Israel:  )
  • Technology of Cavitation Celluliting:
    (Reference product: Italy:  )
  • The 3 technologies are combined together which are popular in Europe to reduce the cellulite through the following three steps:


  • Ultrasound Main Frequency : 35~40 Khz
  • Output Power : 30~60W
  • Handpiece’s Diameter : 45mm
  • Output Way: Continuous/Pulse adjustable


  • Output Power: 600W
  • Working Strength: Adjustable
  • Suction-led Setting: 5 Grades
  • Noise: <50db


  • RF Frequency: 10 Mhz
  • Maximum Energy: 300J/CM
  • Output Mode: Tripolar Mode
  • Pulse re-cycle time: MIN 0.3S
  • Output Way: Continuous or Pulse adjustable
  • Size& weight: 55*45*50cm/50kg
  • Display Screen: 8.4 inch Coloful touch screen
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