AgeFree RF(DT-RC)

AgeFree RF Machine(DT-RC)


  • High power technology: RF energy can penetrate into the derma easily, resulting in less time in Salon
  • Combined wide-range radio: The output RF energy ranges from 1M to 10M for different depth of body tissue which can get energy evenly
  • Continuous working mode with colorful touchable screen& IC card: Colorful Touch Screen makes operation easier. Four tips for special area with no pulse working mode is more sensitive and humanized for operation. IC card design is more helpful for customer management and multiform business development.


  • Removing acnes and dark circles around eyes
  • Face lifting and skin tightening
  • Body shaping
  • Face and neck wrinkles eliminating
  • Improving skin-metabolism
  • Diminishing inflammation


  • Type: Monopolar / Bipolar/ Mono+Bipolar RF is optional
  • Rated Input Power: 350VA
  • RF Frequency: 1MHz ~ 10MHz
  • Output Power (Max): 260W
  • Tip Diameter: 15mm/20mm/30mm/43mm
  • Working mode: Continues
  • Weight and Size: 16 Kg / 400×620×1280mm
  • Voltage: AC220V 50Hz/AC110V 60Hz(optional)
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