Skin Analyzer (DT-S1500)


  • The Skin Analysis System is one of the advanced images analysis system in the world,using digital images technologies via RGB and UV spectrum with more advanced technology and powerful function.
  • The Skin Analysis System can accurately detect the SPF quality of sunscreen cosmetics, exposure lot of face's problems: like spot, pore, pigment, wrinkle, crease, dye, ultraviolet ray or sunshine etc, to bring the damage with different degree to skin, hurting skin accurately the circumstance present at the front of client,and offer one set of medical suggestion for the client.
  • The Skin Analysis System own two special lighting systems (RGB +UV) and smart skin analysis software that allows two images (before and after beauty care) can be compared side by side, which is very different visual effects to be felt. It also can easily assess the future development of skin via dialysis today’s age of the skin and put forward the best characteristic skin care project to client.


  • DT-S1500 is composited by skin analysis equipment and analysis software. There also have layout option for customer, such as Electric lifting table an d Pneumatic lifting stool.
  • DT-S1500 is the core of entire system and has two completed independent different shooting system: RGB shooting system and UV shooting system. The skin analysis has install a high quality special digital camera with 12 million pixel, it can connect with PC for information share via special camera connecter and special technology.
  • DT-S1500 has smart analysis software can accurate detective Skin moisture, sebum, pores, wrinkling, surface of keratin and pigment changes. It can be amazing to generate three-dimensional images of your skin, through different angles observation of three-dimensional skin, client server can print beauty report for customer, so it can automatically match beauty products based on diagnosis result.


  • Measuring injured skin and predication
  • Smart skin analysis software, assess the future development of skin
  • 3 Dimensional image dialysis, accurate suggestion for skin care
  • Detection of SPF quality of sunscreen cosmetics


  • Images resolutions: 15 million pixels
  • RGB+UV lighting: Yes
  • Real Tim e preview: Yes
  • Tri-anagle positions: Yes
  • Voltage: AC 100V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
  • Net weight: 12Kg/ Gross weight: 19Kg
  • Dimensions: 550×500×400mm
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